The Milcare Hoof Trimmer is built in the city of Fergus Falls. Every Milcare Hoof Trimmer is hand built with quality. The Milcare Hoof Trimmer is excellent for dehorning young stock, trimming the hoofs of horses and cattle, and even trimming shrubs and hedges. A great all around trimmer.

The 30 inch long handles give you very good leverage, along with a good distance away from nervous animals hoofs. Just check us out. You can check for a dealer near you or even get a hold of us directly.

Every farmer knows one of the most unpleasant and yet necessary jobs on the farm is keeping horses and cows hoofs trimmed. If you knew how easily, neatly, and quickly the Handy Hoof Trimmer does the job, you would have one. Thousands of farmers have realized this and bought one. This clipper does the job better and easier than any other tool devised. Try it and see for yourself.

CONSTRUCTION: Our trimmer is made of the best materials, substantial, simple construction-with nothing to get out of order. 25 inch hardwood handles plus 5 inch drop forged cutting head gives terrific leverage. Extra thick blades are easy to keep sharp. The trimmer is 30 inches long. This extra long length allows the user to work out of range of nervous animals' hoofs. Trims toughest hooves on heifers, cows, bulls or horses. Shipping weight is 8 pounds each. Replacement handles are available.

SAVE THE ANIMAL: The Handy Hoof Trimmer, by keeping the horses' and cows' hoofs in condition prevents quartercracks and sore hoofs, saves the animal and keeps your cattle producing at their best.

PREVENTS ACCIDENTS: You realize the danger in trimming the horses' hoof in the old way, striking or kicking horses are dangerous to you. With the 30 inch Handy Hoof Trimmer you stand out of range of a nervous horse's hoofs, therefore, eliminating bodily injury.

If you would like to get in contact with us, we would like to talk to you!

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